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Waterproof & Breathable Film is also called "Breathable Fabric, "which is a high-technology product with characteristics of water-proof,breathable,wind-proof and warm-keeping.lFFA Colorful W&B Film is the newest product by CCH R&D department. We use the polymer film with hydrophilic structure which easily absorbs the water-drops or moisture and discharges continuously by pressure difference between clothes outside and inside. Compared to other structures of W&B Film, IFFA's is not easily get choked by dust, salinity or sweat.



CCH prints multiple colors on W&B Film by the specific gravure process and paint formulation. The finished product can still keep excellent breathability and even strengthen water-proof degree than traditionally printing. The brilliant visual effect of IFFA W&B Film enhances the texture. It is now widely applied to accessories and clothes. Most importantly, it is also a green product which is non-toxic,recyclable and decomposable.

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