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Multiple colors waterproof & breathable film with antibacterial function and anion lean-in

CCH-IFFA’ R&D uses chromatography and patterns-design gravure printing onto thin film and fabrics. It is good to bear textile hydrostatic pressure but also to give excellent moisture permeability and functional advantages. Unlike the traditional transfer printing, it enriches the visual effects and textile comfortability. The feature is to lead the hydrophilicity into our present gravure thin film printing technology. Antibacterial and anions particles are added in the ink formula. The anti-bacterial effect still stays 99.99% after textile wash.
Test method JIS Z2801, in the condition of every square centimeter of 820 anions. Active testing the leftover counts after washing process. Certificate iissued by Footwear and Recreation Technology Research Institute (FRT) Taiwan.
CCH-IFFA’s new functional ink formula keeps the moisture-permeability of fabric thin film and gives excellent function of anti-bacteria and anti-odor. The innovation gives your product high added values and competitiveness.

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