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Waterproof & Breathable Film is also called "Breathable Fabric" , which is a high-technology product with characteristics of waterproof, breathable, wind-proof and warm-keeping.

The applications of TPU film include snow wear, apparel, gloves, hats and shoes. With the increasing concern over our globalenvironment, CHENG CHANG HSING with non-toxic (sterilized), recyclables, and decomposable features can certainly make it one of the most important “Green Materials” for the next generation.

IFFA彩衣   the professional film printer

Innovative Functional Film Art


IFFA, representing "innovative functional film art", is the logo shown on our printing film. We believe that CCH is not only a film supplier, but also an expert with passion in the service of invention, manufacture, and technology consultation.


IFFA Waterproof and Breathable Film has the characteristics of waterproof and good color fastness. It is light, artistic and it enriches the visual perception. The “Two-and-half” laminating method ( fabric+ film+ ink ) is leading the trend in the textile industry and it enhances your product values and market competitiveness.


About CCH

CCH has operated surface coating and material combination for more than 35 years. Now we are an experienced & innovative Hydrographic film provider throughout Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania. As a leading company of printing film, CCH always devotes in process improvement and quality enhancement. With continuous research and development on a variety of materials, CCH picks applicable film for printing and builds excellent equipment for new finishing processes. All of our “Know How” is patented.





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